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Website development using renowned content management system (CMS) might always appear unprofessional but beats a said professional job without CMS. CMS always comes with consistent security updates which is always a group reliable effort unlike a single built system with one developer having all to self. We help you integrate your ideas to a single system you can easily get anyone with CMS ideas to manage for you in the long run, making you stay in control of your business, your websites and every other areas you need to stay ahead of your team. Web development calls for knowledge in HTML, PHP, MySql, and CSS which is what we offer and even more with HTML5, PHP7.0, and more...
Please tell exactly what you need and I can choose to do your work remotely as well.
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Henry Mitchell


Information Technology Expert
  • My Skills
  • Html5
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • network securities

If you ever want something done to your satisfaction, endeavour to do it yourself almost all the time.

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1 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps chimithen will take to complete this service.

Domain registration
24 Hrs
Cpanel registration
24 Hrs
WordPress installation
2 Hrs
Update and plugin installations
10 Hrs
Theme customization
7 Hrs
Content update and page creation
5 Hrs
First Step checking and verification
2 Hrs
Second checking
3 Hrs

Release Payment