Training on Integrated Tax Administration System for Tax Agencies (State Internal Revenue Services)

In today’s competitive market, businesses are constantly striving to do things more efficiently as this usually translates into increased profit. Which is why it’s somewhat surprising, that many State Internal Revenue Service are still approaching web tax service processes in the same way they did 20 years ago. The modern business world is increasingly focused on achieving more in less time and as such, self-service web Tax Assessment system is the way to go for State Internal Revenue Services in Nigeria. PITAS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Administration of Public Revenue driven services entails the use of Technology base procedures and system in the daily Management of Revenue generation, documentations, communication and People. Our Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) is a cloud based platform for successful Administration and Management of Government driven public Services. PITAS architecture provides a unique advantages as the Solutions can be accessed at anywhere, anytime and with any device and can be delivered as a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System or can be tailored to meet our client’s needs. We have tailored this training to help various SIRS who have implemented ITAS or those who intend to appreciate the enormous benefits of using electronic means of revenue collections and filing of returns. Who is this course for? This course is geared towards the following Categories of SIRS Personnel, SIRS Consultants and Tax Practitioners: Batch A. SIRS Personnel;  SIRS – Chairmen  SIRS – Directors  SIRS – Heads  SIRS – Managers  SIRS – Supervisors  SIRS – Middle Level Management Staff Batch B. SIRS Consultants and Tax Practitioners;  Tax Practitioners  HR Practitioners  Consultants  Lawyers  Auditors  Accountants Course Objectives Having completed this PITAS Integrated Tax Administration System course delegates will be able to: • Appreciate the benefits and value chain of integrated Tax Administration System • Understand Tax Assessment, Tax Collection and Tax Accounting • Understand the Usage, database maintenance and growing the platform. • Understand the role of service providers in integrated Tax Administration System in Nigeria. • Understand how to generate notifications, demand notice, Reports etc. • Appreciate the use of multiple payment gateways in revenue collection process. PITAS Integrated Tax Administration System Training Course Content • Introduction of electronic Tax assessments, and collection processes • Step by step process of using ITAS • Advantages and disadvantages of ITAS • Online Tax Calculators for employees and self-assessment • Operational standards in ITAS Assessment and Collection • Advantage of Integrating multiple channels of payment gateways • Modalities in ITAS filing; in line with various tax laws e.g. PPT, CGT, CITA, VAT etc. • Access Controls, Hardware and Software Management • Integrating all stakeholders (Taxpayers, Consultants, Service providers, and Tax Auth
This Training is For 3 day’s intensive workshop. Week days and Weekends, every month from June -Dec.
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