Top Quality Interior Design for Offices with unique concept

Quality and well planned Interior design of office spaces. This includes an expert's input in selection of furniture and its arrangements, choice of lighting and rendering quality. On receiving your brief, I'll research on whatever service(s) you need us to render, work on it and send you water-marked samples. Till we get your desired need.
Clients are only entitled to two revisions.
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Nebula Studios

nebulastudios Elite

Architect and Interior Designer

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  • Revit
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We put our clients first in all we do.

Avg Response Time

2 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps nebulastudios will take to complete this service.

Concept discussion, Gathering design information from client (depending on wok load)
36 Hrs
Modelling of Components and other design elements
48 Hrs
First renderings with low quality for reevaluation (depending on work load)
18 Hrs
Discussion of progress and input by client (based on client response time)
6 Hrs
Correction made to modelling based on client request
12 Hrs
Top quality renderings
24 Hrs
Client final review for corrections
6 Hrs
Final correction made based on client request
12 Hrs
Delivery (Electronic/Manual)
6 Hrs

Release Payment