Responsive and Secured and Search Engine Optimized Website Development with Advanced Technologies

A Responsive and Secured (From Hackers) Website with the newest and advanced technology. The responsiveness is available on all devices, with free 3 months maintenance to make it productive, and guides on how to use. The website will be visible on all Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Here are the processes; Information Gathering - Description of what you need, or want you want in the website Planning - Here, site map is developed base on step 1 Design - Best friendly GUI is taken into Consideration here. Development - The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. At this time, your web designer will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site. Testing and Delivery - Checking its vulnerability to prevent it from hackers using a CEH( Certified Ethical Hacking), when this has being certified, then we deliver. Maintenance - 3 months maintenance from the day of delivery to make it more productive. Looking forward to working with you.
Please note that you need to pay 15,000 for hosting base on domain name requested every Year.
Identity Verification100%
Keycode Verification100%
Location Verification100%



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Qazeem Qudus


Software Developer
  • My Skills
  • PHP
  • javaScript
  • Laravel
  • SQL
  • Python

An innovative and Ready to learn youth, always ready to work in team to Satisfy Client in any aspect of Software, Web or Mobile Application Development.

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps softabiodun will take to complete this service.

Information Gathering
24 Hrs
48 Hrs
92 Hrs
99 Hrs
Testing and Delivery
72 Hrs

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