This practical two day Recruitment & Selection training course will provide individuals with guidance in the skills and techniques essential to conducting successful selection interviews. Recruiting the right people is essential to the successful development of teams and the organisation. However, the process is costly both in terms of time and resources and it is therefore critical that the right candidate is appointed first time. Course Objectives Having completed this Recruitment & Selection course participants will be able to: • develop job specifications and person specifications to fit current recruitment needs of the business • examine selection methods and their effectiveness in helping identify the best interview candidates • develop communications and techniques in order to get the best out of recruitment interviews Onsite/Private Training This course can be run in-company anywhere in Nigeria and we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements. We will also appreciate calls from Organizations or Government Agencies that want to over haul their HR Department. We'd be happy to arrange this course at our training centre in Lagos, Nigeria or we can arrange to come to your place of work. Wherever you'd like to train, just give us a call for more information - or book online. We regularly provide training on monthly bases in Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers State and anywhere in Nigeria and Africa. Who is this course for? This course is geared towards managers, Consultants, directors and owners of business looking to motivate and manage a team of employees and be able to increase their efficiency and effectiveness Recruitment & Selection Training Course Content Introduction • Types of interview • Basic requirements • Communication Preparing for the interview • Factors that could affect the interview • Gathering information • Planning & setup • Objective and question setting Interview Conduct • Controlling the interview • Questioning techniques • Active listening • Non-verbal communication • Creating rapport Analysing the vacancy • Job Specification • Candidate profile • Selecting the candidate • Selection methods Recruitment interview • Creating the right environment • Organisation representation • Employment legislation • Analysing the interviewee Induction plans • Developing plans • Short and long term objectives Training Approach • An Experience Trainer and Facilitator will lead the sessions • Case Studies will be used to apply taught concepts • Delegates will work with real life scenarios to solve work related problems • Delegates will complete various exercises • Interactive and Practical teaching methods • Personal exercise and assessment Related Courses • Diversity Training • Recruitment & Selection Training • Training Needs Analysis Training • Interviewing Techniques Training • Payroll Training • Advance HR Training • Time and Attendance Mgt. • Performance Mgt. Training Hurry now to make your Bookings.
This Training is For 2 days. Week days and Weekends, every month from June to December 2017
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