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i offer write-up. for report, project or term paper. if you need a typist, i am best suited for the job as well my services are known for on-time delivery according to customer requirements. Additional services i offer on this platform rap write up for songs. all you need do is just send me your preffered instrumentals(combination of different beats), tell me the nature of song you want( it could be love,gospel or circular). you don't need to be a celebrity before i can write song for you. but i can make you become a celebrity with the song i write for you. you get more people to listen to it. no matter the genre of the song. music is life and the life is music itself. i am known for on time delivery.
Project : 10000 Naira 45p. Data typist : 60 Naira per page. Term paper writeup: 200Naira per page.
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iniobong emmmanuel


music writing and creative composition
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a motivational writer with ,modesty, fast delivery of my services and honesty characteristics

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3 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps captainemmanuel will take to complete this service.

Environmental Research and Study
72 Hrs
Job compilation: starting the writeup with relevant view as regards to subject of research
90 Hrs
Job Overview: going through the research and correcting typographic errors
46 Hrs
Delivery: client goes trough the job and ensure its according to specification and satisfaction
24 Hrs
delivery: Job finished and delivered to client after his/her satisfaction
24 Hrs

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