Professionally done Photo Retouching with a Natural looking finish for 10 Photos

This Service Will get you; RETOUCHING; -Removal of Wrinkles, Blemishes, Acne Spots, Scars, Warts, Patches, Hyper-pigmentation e.t.c -Face Reshaping, removal of dark circles -Tooth stain removal & tooth whitening -A natural looking finish, instead of a fake or over-processed retouch. -DIGITAL MAKEUP; as a special request, works best with photos where the subject is facing the camera. FINAL PRODUCT -Sharp, HDR style treatment of your photos -High Resolution image files at final delivery If you do have any specific requirements or special requests for your photos, please feel free to chat with me before placing your order. That way we'd be sure what you want is something I can deliver on and within the time you'd want. CHOOSING TO WORK WITH ME GUARANTEES YOU *Timely delivery *And your Money back if you are not satisfied with the outcome :) Thank you very much and happy shopping With Kind Regards -Ayo Martins
Please do send me High Resolution images to work with, For the highest quality output. Thank you.
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Ayomide Oladeinde-Martins


Graphic Designer 3D Artist
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  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Imagery
  • Blender3D
  • CorelDraw
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  • Photoshop

Hello, i'm a Graphic Designer with extensive experience designing for Print & Web Media. Please do leave me a message for more. Kind Regards

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1 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps ayomartins will take to complete this service.

Review of Client's Photos; I check the image files sent to me to ensure they are workable.
1 Hrs
Retouching; I get to work, professionally transforming each one of your photos.
4 Hrs
Job Preview; Client goes through each of the photos, to check if anything required was missed by me.
1 Hrs
Delivery: The finished High-Resolution photos are delivered electronically
1 Hrs

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