The performance management training course equips delegates with the skills and techniques to ensure staff perform to the peak of their abilities. It covers dealing with the 'Star', the 'Plodder', the 'Peaked' and the 'Poor Performer'. This Performance Management training course is designed for those who manage the day-to-day performance of staff and Consultants who intend to build a career Human Resources Management. Course Objectives Having completed this Performance Management course participants will be able to: • Understand the aims of performance management. • Identify acceptable standards of performance. • Conduct effective reviews of performance. • Set SMART objectives. • Manage the performance of the 'star', the 'plodder', the 'peaked' and the 'poor' employee. Onsite/Private Training This course can be run in-company anywhere in Nigeria and we can tailor the content to focus on your requirements. We will also appreciate calls from Organizations or Government Agencies that want to over haul their HR Department We regularly provide training on monthly bases in Lagos, Abuja, and Rivers State and can be organized anywhere in Nigeria and Africa. Who is this course for? This course is geared towards managers, Consultants, directors and owners of business looking to motivate and manage a team of employees and be able to increase their efficiency and effectiveness Performance Management Training Course Content What is Performance Management • responsibility for getting the best results from staff • performance not personality • structuring expectations • importance of planning Standards of Performance and Behaviour • considering the circumstances • the skills needed • understanding the skills • assessing the skills • setting the standards • SMART objectives • team and individual objectives Types of Performance • approaches for managing the performance of the four types of employee – the 'star', the 'plodder', the 'peaked' and the 'poor' • In addition, managing the performance of those who think they are brilliant but who actually are mediocre! Leadership • the role of the leader • attributes of a leader • maintaining authority and respect • leadership styles • achieving results through others • improving individual performance Motivation – The Vital Ingredient • motivation factors • motivational techniques • practical steps in motivation • different people with different needs Managing Performance • the value of on-going performance management • evaluating progress and achievement • maintaining flexibility to business change • recognising and closing performance gaps • revising standards • the role of coaching in performance management Coaching • adapting your style • organisational alignment • making skilled interventions • giving constructive feedback and praise • link to appraisals Training Approach • An Experience Trainer and Facilitator will lead the sessions • Case Studies will be used to apply taught concepts • Delegates will work with r
This Training is For 2 days. Week days and Weekends, every month from June to December 2017.
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Training Programme is for Two Day plus 5 hrs. to get training Started
21 Hrs
We meet or book online; Registration; collect personal data for the training
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Schedule of training (day, time, preferred venue, number of session/classes) - See more at: https://
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Training begins Plus 16-hours exclusive training session with an PITAS Solutions - Base on Timeline
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Q & A, Assessment/Review - Issue of Certificate, Photograph
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