Many managers are concerned about how to best carry out appraisals and to link this to development plans and future training. This one day performance appraisals training course will identify the benefits of appraisal, the key skills required and how to assess its effectiveness. This appraisals course is designed for individuals, HR Professionals and Consultants who carry out staff appraisals, and are looking to build their confidence and effectiveness in this essential skill. Who is this course for? This course is geared towards managers, Consultants, directors and owners of business looking to motivate and manage a team of employees and be able to increase their efficiency and effectiveness Course Objectives Having completed this appraisals course delegates will be able to: • Understand the purpose of the appraisal process and your role and responsibilities as appraiser. • Plan, prepare and structure a review. • Remain fair and consistent, avoiding bias. • Achieve honest and open communications. • Learn how to listen and give clear and specific feedback. • Define areas for appraise development and set clear objectives. • Tackle performance problems and sensitive issues effectively. • Conduct appraisals in a confident and professional manner. Performance Appraisals Training Course Content The Importance of Staff Performance Appraisal: • Defining aims, purpose, objectives in order to improve performance • Developing an Effective Appraisal System • Frequency of appraisal, supported by one-to-ones and informal review • Action plans and development plans Your Responsibilities: • Approaching appraisals with confidence • Getting balanced and honest feedback on performance • Effective Planning for the Appraisal • Gathering the information you need: drafting an appraisal plan The Performance Appraisal Interview: • Establishing open and honest communications • Questioning and listening skills • Planning and conducting a structured, balanced and participative discussion • Review of current compared to previous performance Managing the Performance • Providing evidence • Dealing with conflict • Addressing issues of poor performance Setting SMART objectives • Adopting an Assertive and Confident Appraisal Technique • Interpersonal skills within the appraisal interview • Inspiring confidence in the appraisal • Overcoming resistance and handling unco-operative individuals Giving Feedback • Completing the appraisal document • Using positive and action promoting language • The Follow-up Process • Identifying areas of concern Training Course Feedback I have only been on the receiving end of performance appraisals and as a successful sales person was nervous about how to prepare for the appraisals of struggling sales consultants. After this Performance Appraisal training, I am now confident on how to prepare and handle these difficult appraisals for the entire sales force under my Unit. Debbie E. Godson - Sales & Marketing Director Jobstreet Nigeria Limited
This Training is For 1 days. Week days and Weekends, every month from June to December 2017.
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