Paystack Integration Setup on an object-oriented backend website.

Ok, so you plan to integrate payment gateway to your website. You paid PAYSTACK and all they tell you is that it's MERCHANT DIY "MERCHANT DO IT YOURSELF". After you have paid for your integration with Paystack, you'll receive a couple of documents and instruction, now you'll need to setup. Don't get trapped in the hashing world, it could take a longer time if you try to do it yourself, give it to me to handle in 24 hours 1. I'll setup the integration for you on any object-oriented website that you have. 2. I will also test end-to-end to ensure smooth payment 3. I will also follow this process until you're moved to the production environment.
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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps rabinny will take to complete this service.

Client sends website credentials / admin login
24 Hrs
Client sends credentials as received from payment gateway
48 Hrs
Implementation: we integrate the payment gateway into the website
48 Hrs
Testing: We test implementation with test cards from payment gateway
48 Hrs
Payment gateway testing: Paystack testing
99 Hrs
sign off - Payment gateway approves implementation and move to live server.
1 Hrs

Release Payment