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Objective: to create a 360° online presence for your business, brand, product or services in order to consistently generate leads that can be converted into profitable customers. Strategy: Content Marketing and Online Lead Generation 1). Content Marketing: this is the regular creation of unique and useful articles related to the company's product/services in order to attract the attention of potential clients from all across the internet; from search engines and from social networks. We use these articles to draw them to the site and when they come, we would offer them something irresistible in return. We will develop a blog section on the site to accommodate all the unique and useful articles we will be creating. 2). Lead Generation: as we create these unique and useful articles, and promote them on search engines and social networks to attract potential clients, we have to offer something to these potential clients when they visit the website in exchange for their contact details. These contact details will be used to follow up on them, through telesales, sms marketing and email marketing. We will thoroughly research on your industry and come up with something unique as bait for your potential clients when they come to the website in return for their contact details. This bait is going to be in the form of a "Special Report" – [Industry related white papers, infographics, interviews, surveys, & researches, etc.]. Scope of work: • CONTENT MARKETING - 2 TIMES MONTHLY [blogging, keyword research, directory listings, link building, etc.] • SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES - 3 TIMES WEEKLY [facebook, twitter, google+, Linkedin, etc.] • EMAIL MARKETING - 2 TIMES MONTHLY [list building, opt-in & sales pages, Newsletter, etc.] • ILLUSTRATION IMAGES – 3 TIMES WEEKLY [Title images, article highlight images, product/service images, other engagement images, etc.] • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – 3 TIMES WEEKLY [Strategic social media promotion via facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. ] Deliverables: • Bi-monthly publication of search engine optimized articles • Weekly publication of relevant industry news + events • Custom designed Illustration images to publish and promote contents online • Online Lead Generation and conversion System
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Differentiate Online™ is Nigeria’s 1st complete 360° digital marketing solution for smart businesses. It was created to help smart businesses [big and small]

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps differentiateonline will take to complete this service.

CONTENT MARKETING - 2 TIMES MONTHLY[blogging, keyword research, directory listings, link building]
6 Hrs
• SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES - 3 TIMES WEEKLY [facebook, twitter, google+, Linkedin, etc]
6 Hrs
• EMAIL MARKETING - 2 TIMES MONTHLY [list building, opt-in & sales pages, newsletter etc]
7 Hrs
AGES – 3 TIMES WEEKLY [Title images, article highlight images,product/service images,] enga
5 Hrs
• SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING –3 TIMES WEEKLY[Strategic social media promotion via facebook, twitter,etc]
5 Hrs

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