Mobile Development and Front-End Design

With the use of progressive web apps tools like ionicframework and Cordova we develop cross platform applications (Android & IOS)
We develop mobile application that has good User experience
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Awoyinka Olajide


Software Developer
  • My Skills
  • Java
  • ionicframework
  • HTML5

I am a software developer that believes in automation and effectiveness.. with years of experience in Mobile development (Cross-platform) and IT consulting

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps olajhidey will take to complete this service.

communication with buyer concerning the proposed application
5 Hrs
gather requirement of the proposed application to get more info about application through interview
24 Hrs
study and understand the limitation of the proposed application and if its achieveable
24 Hrs
decide what software model to be used for the project. the model that suits the project
24 Hrs
design a flow of the proposed application, logic design,data flow, database design,input from users
48 Hrs
program the proposed application. the implementation of software design
96 Hrs
test the proposed application if its bug-free and error free
24 Hrs
integgrate with other libraries, database, and other programs if necessary
24 Hrs
install software on users machine or upload to playstore if necessary
24 Hrs

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