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Order premium logo and double-sided business cards and start presenting your business in awesome ways. 1. We will create an awesome logo that meets your business needs. 2. Two sided business cards will be designed along the logo. Material: 3.5"x2.0" / 300 gsm matte card paper stock Finishing: Matte Lamination and round corner options Delivery: 3 working days for Lagos, 5 working days for other cities Everything delivered to your doorsteps for FREE in 3 business days. What we need from you? 1. Business name 2. Business address and phone number 3. Layout of the design 4. Title Every design comes with revisions.
Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.
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Printivo is an online print provider providing it customers with free templates created by designers across Nigeria

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps printivo will take to complete this service.

Design Discussion: Gathering design information from you
2 Hrs
1st Prototype: Research, execution and presentation of concept designs
48 Hrs
Awaiting Response: Client approves design
24 Hrs
Revision of Design: Design modifications and submission of final work
48 Hrs
Print Production: Business cards is print
5 Hrs
Delivery: Delivering business cards to client's location
72 Hrs
Project delivered
1 Hrs

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