Learn sewing and tailoring. Hire our home training service now to become a professional tailor!

-We train you to become very skilled and good with sewing and tailoring in months. -If you are a novice to sewing, be assured you will become perfect in operating sewing machines and in sewing straight skirts under few days of training. -We teach industrial sewing concept. -You will learn how to have a perfect finishing in your works. -You also get an outstanding know-how of arranging patterns of any fabric to accentuate its beauty. -We have trained many students successfully, most of whom have established fashion houses and others learnt it for their personal sewing. -Syllabus or topics include office wears, suits, children wears, dinner dresses, trousers, pieces skirts, traditional outfits, all sorts of blouses and gowns, bustier, caftan, wedding dress and more. You also get awarded a certificate of completion after the training.
You can book for our hourly charges which offers training @ bits charge fee of N2000 per hour
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Folasade Olajide


Fashion designer
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And my concept make any sewing unique

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps physiquecut will take to complete this service.

Learn how to operate machine and sew straight skirt
8 Hrs
How to sew suit: Here you learn a lot like; Princess cut, Top stitching, collar and perfect closing
32 Hrs
Little bride gown: Here you learn all about children wear and how to cut rose, bow, flare etc
16 Hrs
Sleeveless straight gown: How to sew round arm and get an indepth knowledge of things learnt in suit
8 Hrs
Office trouser
16 Hrs
Pieces skirt: this includes 6, 8 and 12 pieces skirt
8 Hrs
Bustier /tube
16 Hrs
Wedding Gown and others
16 Hrs

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