I will write a creative article; proofread, type and edit documents

Creative writing especially article writing: I will write articles on a particularly hot topic or subject of interest while considering the needs of my clients. Proofreading and editing: I will also proofread and edit documents for errors and grammatical mistakes. Typing of documents: I can also type and edit documents for my clients who want a document typed in a particular way or format.
Be kindly informed that my service is delivered online either in PDF format or any other format.
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Amarachi Udeh


Creative Writer Editor.
  • My Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Communication.

I am a creative writer (especially articles) who brings words to life while maintaining the originality which words portend in order to create value.

Avg Response Time

24 Hrs

Avg Delivery Time

Area Served

Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps amarawrites will take to complete this service.

Look up the topic online and other related sites. Gather relevant information and materials
1 Hrs
Construct the article around the information gathered in Step 1
1 Hrs
Build the main article comprising Introduction, Body and Conclusion
20 Hrs
Editing: Proofread the article for any error and grammatical mistake, and edit accordingly
1 Hrs
Delivery: The article will be delivered online (electronically) in a specified format
1 Hrs

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