I will draft comprehensively any 5 Business Contracts

I will draft any 5 business contracts which will be detailed, pragmatic, enforceable and take care of the parties' interests adequately. The client will have a right to review of the agreements and my legal advisory services. I will also assist in negotiating the agreements with the client's relevant parties and eventually bring the agreement to a closure
The reviews will be subject to the Nigerian laws on the subject
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Tolulope Moseli


Legal Professional
  • My Skills
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Document Drafting and Review
  • Legal Support
  • General Business Support

Tolulope is a seasoned legal specialist, a barrister and solicitor by training and legal expert in any field of commercial law.

Avg Response Time

1 Hrs

Avg Delivery Time

Area Served

Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps isba will take to complete this service.

Obtain the relevant information from the client for each of the agreements
2 Hrs
Clarify the information and probably ask further questions from the clients
1 Hrs
Reviewing client's feedback on the further questions
1 Hrs
Preparing of the first draft of the agreements
10 Hrs
review of the comments from the clients
3 Hrs
further review of the drafts
3 Hrs
forwarding the drafts to the other parties to the agreements
1 Hrs
Responding to comments from the other parties
5 Hrs
Further negotiation of the drafts with the other parties and clients where need be
5 Hrs
Finalising the agreements, printing affixing the lawyer seal and dispatch to the clients
5 Hrs

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