I will convert your website/blog into an Android or iOS app

Hi, I will convert your Website, Blog, YouTube Channel and other Web Pages into responsive and attractive ANDROID or iOS Apps. I will send you .apk and .ipa files of your applications OR i can publish your app to GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Extra features (on your choice) Push notification: i will build control panel (using onesignal.com) through which you will send unlimited push notification to the app.
Bonus: *** SPLASH SCREEN will be added to your app. *** App ICON will be added to your app.
Identity Verification100%
Keycode Verification100%
Location Verification100%



Call 0908 085 5400 for customer support.

Oluwatobi Olukunle


Application Developer
  • My Skills
  • HTML5
  • c++
  • CSS
  • java

Mobile App is a great tool for Improving your Company or business. I create apps for website/blog owners, businessmen, musicians, artists, everyday people.

Avg Response Time

1 Hrs

Avg Delivery Time

Area Served

Anywhere in Nigeria

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps samcwritt will take to complete this service.

Information Collation, Client's agreement on needs.
1 Hrs
Design of UI/UX
5 Hrs
App Development and Coding
10 Hrs
Testing and Debugging
15 Hrs

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