HD Video Shoots And Editing Services

We Offer Great HD Quality Video Shoots And Editing Services For Music Videos, Movies, Interviews, Commercials For Products, Birthdays Etc. All This Great Services At Affordable Prices..
We Offer Great HD Quality Video Shoots And Editing Services
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Video Shoots And Editing Services
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  • Music Video Shoots And Edits
  • Movies Shoots And Edits
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Interview Shoots
  • Commercials For Products
  • Birthdays

We Offer Great HD Quality Video Services At Very Affordable Rates. We Are SHINE ENTERTAINMENT. Creating Value Through Entertainment.

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24 Hrs

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Anywhere In Nigeria Lagos


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps shineentertainment will take to complete this service.

Studying The Environment or Location Choose For The Shoot
72 Hrs
Collecting And Going Through The Music Or Script Collected From The Client
2 Hrs
Contacting The Client And Getting His/Her Details (Email(s) etc.
3 Hrs
Planning The Concept For Shoot.
24 Hrs
After Shoot A close Room View With The Client Will Be Done For Corrections On The Project.
24 Hrs
After The Corrections Another Close Room View Of The Project Will Be Done Again.
48 Hrs
Once Our Client Is Certified With The Project, We Render And Master A Copy.
48 Hrs
The Finished Project Will Be Sent To Our Client Manually Or Electrically.
48 Hrs

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