Gets an outstanding professional Resume and cover letter in your email ready for you to print.

Let me prepare a good resume that can get you that dreamed job. Jobs required different resumes and cover letters to suit the available vacancies. You can continue sending your old resume expecting to get a call for any job. Let me rewrite it for you to see the differences. Just email it to me, when i am done, i will email it back to you. NOTE: I will email it to you with a cover letter that will suit the position you are applying for.
Job seekers don't waste time. Send your details in good time.
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Samson Peter


Accounting Management & Finace
  • My Skills
  • Data Entry
  • Business Plan
  • CV & Cover letter
  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Writing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Accounts Management
  • Budget & Forecasting

I'm a detail oriented, committed, reliable & trustworthy professional. I never miss deadlines, i'm a good communicator and i can juggle multiply tasks.

Avg Response Time

2 Hrs

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Area Served

Anywhere in Nigeria

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps clickonkaduna will take to complete this service.

Send my questionnaire to my client or customer
6 Hrs
Review feedback from my client or customer
5 Hrs
Select the best Microsoft Word ( Bold Resume) creation
2 Hrs
Get content from my customer or client
3 Hrs
Retyping start using Microsoft Word
4 Hrs
Resume review
2 Hrs
Resume is ready
1 Hrs
Create a suitable cover letter
4 Hrs
Send Resume and cover Letter to my client email address
2 Hrs

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