Gets a well designed and presentable PowerPoint template for the presentation you're planning

I will prepare a good PowerPoint Template you will use during any presentation you are planning to present. All you need to do is just send me the write up of what you are planning to present with all the required pictures and images. I will put everything in a slide and all the pictures and images you sent. When i am done, i will email it back to you.
Give detail of how you want your work to be done.
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Samson Peter


Accounting Management & Finace
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  • Data Entry
  • Business Plan
  • CV & Cover letter
  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Writing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Accounts Management
  • Budget & Forecasting

I'm a detail oriented, committed, reliable & trustworthy professional. I never miss deadlines, i'm a good communicator and i can juggle multiply tasks.

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2 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps clickonkaduna will take to complete this service.

Send my questionnaire to my client
6 Hrs
Review feedback from my client
4 Hrs
Select the best Microsoft PowerPoint suited for the work
3 Hrs
Get content from my client
3 Hrs
Prepare all the PowerPoint Template design using the one suitable for the work
28 Hrs
Review all the template layout
6 Hrs
PowerPoint template ready
2 Hrs
Send PowerPoint Template to my client through email address
3 Hrs

Release Payment