Get regular photobook, 1 frame, all photographs comes on DVD with case (both edited and non edited).

This "Normal Package" comes with the following: 1. Regular Photobook 2. 1 Frame 3. All photographs on DVD with Case (Both Edited and Non Edited) 4. Free Pre-wedding Shoot Your wedding day is once in a lifetime, capture every moment. Every occasion means new people to meet, new story to tell, and new challenges to face. We don't see every job as the same old routine, we create new concept for new people we meet.
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"I did not choose photography, photography chose me" Adams Qamor

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps adams-qamor-photography will take to complete this service.

Environmental Study: ...we study the location(Out-door or In-door) for better equipment...
96 Hrs
Pre-wedding Shoot: ...taking some photographs with the couple at desire location...
3 Hrs
Photo-shoot: ...we travel to keep the memory of the day.
8 Hrs
Job Preview: ...client pre-view photographs and select pictures require for the album.
2 Hrs
Editing: ...a professional touch applied to the selected photographs...
6 Hrs
Delivery: ...the finished album will be delivered. Electronic or Manual...
72 Hrs

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