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Everyone has a camera. Everyone knows how to point and click, strike a pose for selfies and capture fun memories these photos are fine, but not for your business. Working with a professional architectural photographer to create high quality, striking photographs that truly represent your brand makes it just perfect and fine for your business. Offer: -Professional photo- session for your interior -Get visual representation of your expertise -Professional lighting, that maintains colors -Pricing: N 20,000 ( Twenty Thousand Naira ) each for images more than four quantity. -Delivery: images will be delivered via email. *Please contact the service provider for any detail or concern
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A team of skilled photographers capturing imaginations, lifestyle and most importantly great memories.

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps melonyphotography will take to complete this service.

contacts service provider
1 Hrs
disscusion and information gathering from client
3 Hrs
photographer travels to location
10 Hrs
photo session
24 Hrs
Image retouching
12 Hrs

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