I understand how easy it is for you to know what you want to write but find it difficult to put your thoughts to paper creatively. I will help develop your thoughts and key points into full- fledged content that generates leads and 100% sales. I have done this for 6 years for both individuals and corporate organizations. I will help you develop content using both text and openly sourced images (Designed graphics/images will have to be purchased separately by the client). It would be great to have client provide all relevant images before project commencement. Specifically, I will help you create content for a full website (5 Menu Website) or help you create a full company profile document on MS PowerPoint (5 - 15 slides) for marketing purposes. Please Follow These Steps To Engage Me: 1. Please send me your needs in a numbered/bullet point format or a concise brief not more than a page 2. I will share an understanding of your needs/request and a project scope/work plan for your review, feedback, and written approval 3. You will send me a project scope approval for me to commence work 4. I will share the first draft in PDF format for your first review and feedback (or comments) 5. Your review in the first revision will be implemented and document will be sent back for a second review 6. You will review the document for the second time and send your feedback to me 7. A final DRAFT will be sent to you for your approval 8. Your final feedback will be implemented and a copy of the original document will be sent to you via email or shared if the document is too heavy to be sent via email. 9. Project will be closed upon receipt of the client's feedback of satisfaction 10. Any task not included in the initial brief may attract an extra cost which is subject to the discretion of the Service Provider
Clients should note that average work time is based on workflow and does not reflect number of days.
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Call 0908 085 5400 for customer support.

Femi Martins


Content Projects & Special Events
  • My Skills
  • MS Office Suite
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing Document
  • Events Creation and Management
  • Content Development
  • Writing
  • Proof Reading

I possess 9 years of corporate work experience which spans Project/Events Management, Content Development, Marketing, Customer Service and Grassroots Campaign.

Avg Response Time

8 Hrs

Avg Delivery Time

Area Served

Anywhere in Nigeria


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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps captaineffemm will take to complete this service.

Client shares a clear and concise task request description (Bullet points preferred)
1 Hrs
Captaineffemm provides client with a concise workplan that shows understanding of your task and need
3 Hrs
Client sends a project scope approval for me to commence work
1 Hrs
Captaineffemm shares the first draft in PDF format for the Client's first review and feedback
5 Hrs
Client reviews the first & second drafts and provides feedback to Captaineffemm
3 Hrs
Captaineffemm shares final draft with client for approval
5 Hrs
Client provides a written approval and requests for original/editable document
3 Hrs
Captaineffemm sends editable document to Client and close project
5 Hrs

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