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You don't need a large budget to stick out in the minds of busy customers and among friends. Experience the fine digital prints on Adhesive Vinyl and Round Die-cut with 3.5" diameter. Let your sticker be a marketing vehicle for your brand... Note: delivery outside Lagos attracts additional cost ( Please contact the service provider for details)
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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps asuqu will take to complete this service.

Design Discussion: Gathering design information from you
2 Hrs
1st Prototype: Research, execution and presentation of concept designs
2 Hrs
Awaiting Response: Client approves design
24 Hrs
Revision of Design: Design modifications and submission of final work
48 Hrs
Print Production
4 Hrs
Delivery: Delivering business cards to client's location
2 Hrs
Project delivered
1 Hrs
Project delivered
1 Hrs

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