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- Geele and Ipele, are traditional scarf made with Aso-Oke tied around the head and shoulder respectively by women from the western part of Nigeria. - Aso Oke, a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of western Nigeria. Also worn on important occasions such as weddings, coronations, burials and other important occasions. - It can be made with all kind of fabric, however at Aduke Alaso Oke, we help all women who dare to look outstanding at event in traditional wears stand out! - We provide you (women)with the right Aso Oke fabrics for your geele and ipele to match your attire. Fabrics: Aso Oke made with Alaarin Geele - 1 x 5 Ipele - 1 x 5 Length : 90inch
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We are into weaving of Aso Oke, with successes and favorable recommendations from all our customers. We also offers Alaga Iduro services at traditional weddings

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Initial meeting
2 Hrs
Colour, style and pattern
3 Hrs
We get the wool and other materials
24 Hrs
49 Hrs
Weaving starts
75 Hrs
Joining of weaved aso oke
89 Hrs
We deliver your ipele and geele in aso oke fabric (x5)
50 Hrs
We deliver your ipele and geele in aso oke fabric (x5)
50 Hrs

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