Create online presence for SME and emerging StartUps

The world is a global village and there is no better time to reach more audience than now, let help you do a market survey for your intending business or startup. Provide you with great insight on how the world might possible react to what you are about to offer, or better still create an online niche for your already existing startup or SME so as to adequately position you for your potential audience. As you go-live we stay with you all the way up by selling you to the world via all available medium in the social space.
We are that business associate you can trust.
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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps ali will take to complete this service.

First Meeting: The client place an order and we reach out to them just to acknowledge this.
1 Hrs
Second Phase - Client tells us what their SME / StartUp is all about: their goals and objectives.
2 Hrs
With the information provided, we look out for ways to achieve the short term goals and prioritize.
6 Hrs
Look out for competitors on the social media space & device means of placing client at an advantage.
8 Hrs
Share information about target audience and strategies to reach out to them with client.
5 Hrs
Design these strategies, share with client to see if it portrays what they stand for before sharing.
6 Hrs
Review strategy with client, seek approval before sharing them with the wider targeted audience.
5 Hrs
Share online analytics with client over the first few weeks to see how well they've been doing.
2 Hrs
Improve on strategies to meet more audience, give client sole privilege of managing all its account.
3 Hrs
Post go-live tips and support for the first one month.
99 Hrs

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