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I will do a complete SEO for you. The service includes; 1. In-depth website audit I will examine the whole website to understand the SEO status of the site. 2. Competitors research I will do a thorough research on your competitors to know what makes them rank high on search engines 3. Keyword research, analysis and validation I will do a research on competitors keyword and most searched keywords by users in your niche/industry. I will analyse and validate to provide 100 low competitive, normal search volume keywords (Broad and long tail) 4. Technical Optimization This part of SEO requires testing your website SPEED and fix all the issue stopping your site to pass speed test. I will be working on; - Image optimization - Site map - Caching - CSS - Java script optimization 5. On page optimization (plugin installation required) This is another critical aspect of SEO. It requires thorough examine of how your contents are arranged on website pages. I will be working on your Slugs, Heading tags, description tags, Images, Keyword density etc. 6. Off page optimization (Backlink) This is arguably the most sensitive and important aspect of SEO. Google frowns at websites that cheat with backlinks which is why I always advice to build backlinks strategically and do away with magic backlink builders that promise hundreds backlink in a day or week. I will analyse your site existing backlinks for white and black hat, fix the broken links. And also, I will develop a strategy and road for your backlink building to deliver 10 quality WHITE HAT backlinks monthly for 6 months. N.B: 1 quality backlink worth more than 1000 fake backlinks in the eyes of search engines. PLEASE NOTE: This service require me to have an access to admin section of your website.
The best thing that can happen to a website is to rank high on Search Engines. HIRE ME to do the job
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I'm Remi LAWAL A web design, SEO and Digital marketing expert, I help SMEs generate more sales with responsive website and strategic digital marketing. HIRE ME

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps remilawal will take to complete this service.

Interactive period with the client
2 Hrs
In-depth website audit
7 Hrs
Competitors research
5 Hrs
Keyword research, analysis and validation
24 Hrs
Technical Optimization
24 Hrs
On page optimization (plugin installation required)
48 Hrs
Off page optimization (Backlink Analysis, Strategy and road map)
72 Hrs

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