+ A company registration is the process of obtaining legal authorization to conduct within an area, or in a country. + A company is considered a distinct legal entity, which is like have a life of its own. + Registering your business/company is like giving your business ‘a breath of life’, and this makes it legally possible for a company to own immovable assets and bank account. + Business /Company registration enables businesses , particularly small ones to gain access to funding and to certain protections by law. In Nigeria, Corporate Affairs Commission is the body saddled with the authority to register and issue certificates for start up business/company. + There are 4 categories of companies recognized in Nigeria, first is Private Limited Company(LTD), Public Limited Company(PLC), Companies limited by guarantee and Unlimited companies. + Depending what your corporate strategy and vision, we suggest the company status suitable for your start up. + At Accountinghub, we help you fast track the process of application and verification of company data. + Your company will be registered in 10 working days!
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