Bundle – Human Resources Management /Employee On Premises Version( Perpetual Licenses)

Retaining good employees, improving and documenting their skills and finding the right applications are very critical to the long term wellbeing of every organization. The EvolveSuites Human Resource Solutions Provides a set of functional Human Resource Management Feature to Automate Employee records and transactions throughout the employee employment cycle. • Man Power Requisition • Performance Review Management • Loan and Advance Management • Travel and Accommodation Management • Notification and Circularization • Assets and Maintenance Management • Disciplinary Process and Management • Report and Business Intelligence Benefit of Human Resource Management  Offers four in one integrated Solutions for any organization  Ability to generate various standard and adhoc HR Reports  Personalized and build reports based on your own business requirement  Covert HR data into easy to read and understandable formats  Communicate and collaborate better powerful HR tools and reminders  Drive employee effectiveness and performance
Human Resources Management /Employee On Premises Version
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EvolveSuites provides easy, scalable modular and user based online and on Premises (Perpetual) applications that support evolving entrepreneurs and businesses.

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