Bundle – Payroll and Employee Management /Employee , On Premises Version( Perpetual Licenses)

captures an employee’s complete details, his assignment details across the years. The employee's leave and attendance can be managed using this system. An employee's career progression throughout the employment period can also be captured in the application thus allowing the system to be used as the basis for generating the service book.  Definition of the employee record  Payslips and Leave Processing  Transaction Recording and Processing  Assignment of a position to each employee. Support for temporary assignments to an employee.  Maintenance of history of assignment  Maintenance of service book of an employee with support for probation and regularization details  Capturing various MIS details of an employee like Blood group, religion  Capture other details  Educational Qualification  Technical Qualification  Departmental tests  Immovable Property Details  Property details  Position hierarchy  Create/View/Update Nominee particulars  Create/View/Modify disciplinary actions (Departmental enquiry)  Create/View/Modify Training particulars Benefit of Payroll and Employee Mgt.  Unlimited earnings and deductions codes can be created for payroll calculations  Define the emoluments, deductions, leave, TA, Clients Visit, Training etc.  Payroll Calculations can be configured with pre-defined formulas  Income tax tables can be setup per company specific requirements  Unlimited benefits plans can be created with unique coverage amounts, premium, formulas and eligibility criteria  Create GL and Banks transactions can be allocated to Payroll. Generate all the Reports related to Branch, Department, employee, Attendance/leave, payroll, Bonus etc.
Payroll and Employee Management /Employee , On Premises Version
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