Asuqu Wedding Paparazzi Silver Full - 1 Photographer, 1 Makeup Artist, 5 Ushers, 1 DJ

Take advantage of the Asuqu Wedding Paparazzi Silver Full Package without giving out an arm and a leg. This is a complete package for couples looking to have it all for a small amount of money. This bundle contains: - 1 Elite Photographer for (Pre-wedding, Court, Engagement, Church, Reception) - 1 Elite Makeup Artist for (Church & Reception) - 5 Ushers for (Reception) - 1 DJ for (Reception) Bundles Extras: - 10 X 10 Photobook - 12 X 16 Photo Frame - Photo Digital Files - Makeup service for the bride and best lady - Free makeup trial for wedding Note: This service does not include video for the whole event
- Logistics fee will be covered by couples living out Lagos
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