Asuqu Wedding Paparazzi Gold - Elite Photographer (Adams Qamor), Elite Makeup Artist (Lekeshades)

Weddings, the happiest day of our lives. Because we know how important some things are when it comes to wedding celebration, the preserved memories, the beauty of the bride etc. They could only be remembered when some people give their best to make the day. Asuqu Wedding Paparazzi Gold contains everything to make that day memorable. Bundle Contains: - FREE pre-wedding photo session - FREE 10 custom mugs - Large Projector Screen - 12X24 Synthetic Photobook (Big Size) - 2 Frames - Video Production - All photographs on DVD - Elite Makeup Artist (for bride and chief bridesmaid)
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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete this service. Seller will not work outside the workflow.

Information Gathering: We would gather enough information about the wedding ~ By Asuqu
1 Hrs
Environmental Study: We study the location(Out-door or In-door) for better equipment ~ Adams Qamor
4 Hrs
Pre-wedding Shoot: Taking some photographs with the couple at desire location ~ By Adams Qamor
3 Hrs
Wedding Day: Make up artist & Photographer travel to location (Varies)
3 Hrs
Makeup Session: Set-up workstation to begin makeup ~ By Lekeshades
1 Hrs
Wedding Day: Photoshoot begins to make the wedding memorable ~ By Adams Qamor
24 Hrs
Job Preview: ...client pre-view photographs and select pictures require for the album. - by Client
2 Hrs
Editing: ...a professional touch applied to the selected photographs... ~ By Adams Qamor
6 Hrs
Delivery: ...the finished album will be delivered. Electronic or Manual... ~ By Asuqu
72 Hrs

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