Asuqu Alariwo Basic - 1 Roll Up Banner, 100 copies of 7x3 Stickers, 200 copies of A5 fliers

Absence of advertising in business is like winkling to a girl in the dark, you only know what you are doing she can't see you. Now it's time to show the world how amazing your product or service is with the Asuqu Alariwo Basic Bundle for small businesses or public awareness Bundle Contains: - 1 Roll Up Banner (Small Base) - 100 copies of 7x3 Stickers - 200 copies of A5 fliers (One Sided)
Additional 10,000 for design only with unlimited revision till you are happy.
Identity Verification100%
Keycode Verification100%
Location Verification100%



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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps asuqu will take to complete this service.

Design Discussion: Gathering design information from you ~ by Asuqu
2 Hrs
1st Prototype: Print prototype ~ by Printivo
2 Hrs
Awaiting Response: Client approves print
5 Hrs
Production: Final production of bundle ~ by Printivo
5 Hrs
Delivery: Envelope is delivered to client ~ by Printivo
72 Hrs

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