Aso-Oke Fabric for Men

- Traditionally, a man from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria dresses in Agbada and the iconic Abeti-Aja cap. - Wearing an agbada made with aso-oke by men is what makes a man from the western part of Nigeria unique in his dressing. - Men who dress in aso-oke are highly recognized in occasions as they are regarded as custodian of the yoruba culture. - Also worn on important occasions such as coronations, burials, weddings and other important occasions. - At Aduke Alaso Oke, we help men who dare to look like an elite at ceremonies and functions by by giving them unique and creatively woven aso oke! - We provide you with the right Aso Oke fabrics for your fila abeti-aja , and agbada to match your attire. Fabrics: Aso Oke made with Sanyan Agbada fabric - 1 Fila fabric - 1 Fila abeti-aja fabric- 1 Note: Client can choose from our numerous pattern and design
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We are into weaving of Aso Oke, with successes and favorable recommendations from all our customers. We also offers Alaga Iduro services at traditional weddings

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