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We all love to be entertained and in this busy world you need to be able to catch the attention of people who visit your website or blog very quickly (7 seconds) or they would move on to something else. Here is your chance to add a PREMIUM animated speaking character to your website page that can tell your customer what’s important to your business quickly in a professional yet entertaining way. Adding a speaking character to your website, will make your customers hang around for longer and go straight to the important areas of your website. We take your script (text of your choice) and add it to a premade animated speaking character which would be located on a preferred page on your website, and would speak your specified message to your visitors using text to speech audio. This will help in explaining your product and services to your customers. Characters are already premade and available, therefore character can be live on your website in just a few days. Simply pick a character of your choice and provide 50 to 300 words of text and we will take it from there. Characters are hosted on our high speed servers and the code will be installed on your site. We can provide you with directions to do it yourself or we will install it on your behalf for free if you prefer. This is for a single page. Please purchase multiple times if you will like multiple pages. Benefits Increased visitors to specific page of your choice Hold your visitors attention for longer Connect on a more personal level with your customers which would boost trust Increased sales of your products or services Less confused visitors as you can easily explain options Website / Blog appears more professional, even if you are just a startup. Visitor stay longer as they find your website entertaining Functionality Lead Generation: It can help you collect leads for your autoresponder or Links: Alternatively, your character can contain links that go to any destination you choose such as your buy now page Countdown timer: Add a countdown timer to stimulate urgency. Auto play or Manual play by your website visitors and more. There are Variety of characters available for you to choose from and you will get the chance to preview the final version once it is ready and request any changes, before installation on the specified page / post of your choice. Animated speaking character length <10-90 seconds> based on your script length which could be 50 to 300 words. See it in Action / Past works (see it at the bottom right of page): This is suitable for corporate websites, self hosted blogs, blogs, thank you pages, SME Hub, Ecommerce websites, landing pages and other types of pages which allow usage of script.
Please contact us once you purchase to provide details on your preferences.
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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps bizanimate will take to complete this service.

Client fills the form to provide preferences on the character
48 Hrs
Creation/Sync - We create and sync the animated character with audio and preview.
72 Hrs
Customer views preview and provides login in details for us to install on webpage of choice
24 Hrs
We install on website or provide final code to customer to do it themselves Transaction complete.
24 Hrs

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