A four page copy for business brochure-(text only)

Handing over a printed brochure is putting your company’s brand in the hands of your customer but that is not enough. Getting the right copy (text) to communicate your business operations and it's benefit to customers makes it just perfect.We provide an incisive and professional copy (text) for your business brochure. offer: -a copy (text content) for a four page Business brochure -unlimited revision of text content -completed task will be delivered via client's email.
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Bello Tife-Allen


  • My Skills
  • copywriting
  • creative writing
  • script writing
  • web content writing
  • text editing

Bello Tife-Allen is a passionate writer with quality service delivery.

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1 Hrs

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Anywhere in Nigeria

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps bello-tife-allen will take to complete this service.

Accepts order
1 Hrs
Discussion and information gathering from you
4 Hrs
Review with client's brief
4 Hrs
Preparing content (text )
40 Hrs
Proofreading and editing
18 Hrs
Sends copy to client for sighting before final submission
1 Hrs
Receives client's approval
1 Hrs
Submits approved content(text) to client via email
1 Hrs

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