1. Payroll Services and Training

We help you maintain payroll compliance and keep everything running smoothly by: • Setting up a new payroll system quickly and make regular / Monthly salary payments to your staff • keep all bank details up to date (Pension, tax, ITF, NSITF) • Manage and Meet tax obligation and generate report • Manage benefits and bonuses. • Provide Payroll training for staff on special request
The Prices stated above is for a company with 0-50 staff strength. Above 50 staff can be negotiated
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Juliet Nwabuezi


Payroll Specialist
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Eight (8) years’ experience in Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services

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Sango otta Lagos

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Workflow Workflow are the steps to complete a service. These are the steps julietnwabuezi will take to complete this service.

Staff salary details are updated in an application: Gross Pay, Tax , Pension, bonuses and others)
1 Hrs
Schedule of Salaries are forwarded to Bank for disbursement of individual Salary
1 Hrs
All Salary deductibles like Pension, Tax and Company's Contribution will be remitted to bank
2 Hrs
All Stamped Schedules and Bank Teller will be forwarded to Company.
1 Hrs

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