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The simplest way to buy and sell professional services.

1. What do you need?

It starts as a need. Browse through the categories to find what you looking for or call us to help you find it.

2. Buy the service

Buy the service through our secure payment channel. Payment held by us.

3. Track progress

With our instant notifications system.

4. Pay Your Asuqu™

When you're satisfied with the work. We will release payment to your Asuqu™.

PS: Don't forget to leave a review when the job is done. We want to know how your experience was!

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1. Advertise your service for FREE

Take what you do best, and create an affordable service on it.

Customer buys service

2. Customer buys your service

Customer buys your service through our secure payment channel.


3. Work! Work! Work!

Communicate, work, update, live up to expectation and create a good impression.

Payment to seller

4. Get Paid

Customer is satisfied with your work. Get paid.

5. Done

Were you expecting anything else? Sorry to disappoint.